ACNH Amiibo: Unlocking New Horizons in Animal Crossing

Are you an avid Animal Crossing: New Horizons player looking to enhance your gaming experience? Look no further than ACNH amiibo! These small but mighty figurines and cards hold the key to unlocking exclusive content and characters in the game. In this article, we’ll dive into what ACNH amiibo are, how to use them, and the amazing benefits they bring to your island paradise.

What are ACNH Amiibo?

A collection of ACNH amiibo figures and cards.
A collection of ACNH amiibo figures and cards.

ACNH amiibo refer to a collection of figurines and cards designed for use with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These delightful collectibles are not only visually appealing but also serve as virtual gateways to exciting new features within the game. Whether you’re a fan of the adorable characters or eager to access exclusive in-game content, ACNH amiibo are a must-have for any Animal Crossing enthusiast.

When it comes to ACNH amiibo, you have two options: amiibo figures and amiibo cards. The figures are small, detailed models of beloved Animal Crossing characters, while the cards feature character artwork and useful information. Each amiibo card represents a unique character or village resident, allowing you to invite them to your island or engage in various activities.

How to Use ACNH Amiibo

Scanning an ACNH amiibo card on a Nintendo Switch console.
Scanning an ACNH amiibo card on a Nintendo Switch console.

Using ACNH amiibo is a breeze! Let’s walk through the step-by-step process of unlocking the wonders they hold:

  1. Activate amiibo Functionality: Ensure that your Nintendo Switch console is updated to the latest version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which supports ACNH amiibo functionality.

  2. Access the Nook Stop Terminal: Head over to the Resident Services building and locate the Nook Stop Terminal. This terminal serves as your gateway to ACNH amiibo features.

  3. Scan Your Amiibo: When prompted, select the “Invite a Camper” or “Invite an Amiibo Villager” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the amiibo card or figure on your Joy-Con controller’s right thumbstick or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s NFC touchpoint.

  4. Enjoy the Magic: Once scanned, the character associated with the amiibo will make an appearance on your island! You can interact with them, play games, and even invite them to move in permanently.

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Benefits of Using ACNH Amiibo

An ACNH amiibo character engaging in a fun activity on the player's island.
An ACNH amiibo character engaging in a fun activity on the player’s island.

Now that you know how to use ACNH amiibo, let’s explore the incredible benefits they bring to your Animal Crossing experience:

  1. Unlock Exclusive Characters: ACNH amiibo allow you to invite special characters, such as fan favorites Isabelle, Tom Nook, and even celebrity guests like K.K. Slider, to your island. These characters bring their distinct personalities and unique interactions, adding depth and charm to your gameplay.

  2. Obtain Rare Items and DIY Recipes: By using certain ACNH amiibo, you can unlock access to rare items and DIY recipes not available through regular gameplay. Imagine furnishing your island with exclusive furniture sets or crafting extraordinary items that will make your friends green with envy.

  3. Host Fun Activities: ACNH amiibo characters love to engage in activities with you! From playing hide-and-seek to enjoying a friendly game of hide-and-seek or scavenger hunt, these characters inject a sense of liveliness and camaraderie into your virtual paradise.

  4. Customize Photographic Moments: As a photography enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to know that ACNH amiibo can help you capture epic snapshots. By inviting specific characters to your island, you can create personalized scenes and capture memorable moments that will make your digital photo album truly shine.

FAQ about ACNH Amiibo

Here are some common questions players have about ACNH amiibo:

Can I use all amiibo with Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Yes, you can use both Animal Crossing-specific amiibo and a wide range of other amiibo figures and cards with the game. However, only Animal Crossing amiibo will unlock special in-game content.

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Can I use ACNH amiibo to invite villagers to my island?

Absolutely! ACNH amiibo allow you to invite villagers to your island, even if they are not currently present. This feature gives you the opportunity to create a diverse and vibrant community that suits your unique vision.

Are ACNH amiibo limited edition or rare?

While some ACNH amiibo may be considered rare or limited edition due to their popularity, availability, and demand, Nintendo periodically restocks certain figures and cards to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy them. Keep an eye out for announcements and updates from Nintendo to stay in the loop!

Can I use ACNH amiibo to obtain seasonal items?

Yes! Certain ACNH amiibo, such as those representing special events or holidays, allow you to access exclusive seasonal items and DIY recipes. Embrace the holiday spirit and transform your island into a winter wonderland or a spooky Halloween haven.


In conclusion, ACNH amiibo are a fantastic addition to any Animal Crossing: New Horizons player’s arsenal. By unlocking exclusive characters, rare items, and engaging activities, these collectibles inject new life and endless possibilities into your island paradise. So why wait? Start building your dream island and capturing unforgettable moments today with ACNH amiibo!

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