In this modern world companies are using personality across the whole organization, from reception to the boardroom your image is important - Do you need a professional Headshot or one for personal use? - why not do both at the same time? having a professional business portrait always helps to communicate your personality. 
Trust is built on a great first impression - and if you do want any - our airbrushing techniques will make you look like you - on a good day 
* * * Bright eyes, Zero shine and Fresh skin * * * 

Headshot Photography in Bedford, Contemporary Modern Headshot photography for Corporate, Business, Social use 

Pictures Speak louder than words - First impressions really do count - and you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression. 
Someone at some point will be seeking to do business with you via the internet. Are YOU looking your best? 
* * * * We can also arrange a make up session before your photo shoot * * * * 

Social Headshot, Business, or Corporate Photography in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton and Cambridge - What Does Your Business or social Headshot Say About You? 

Need a professional headshot for a Twitter, Linked-In or Facebook picture in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton or Cambridge ?? 

Historically head shots were considered essential only for models and actors who used them to promote their range of expressions and characters - in this Digital world however professional head shots are becoming a powerful element to promote your own personal brand. 
A professional and unique headshot can help your potential and even current clients feel more connected with you, even when you don't meet face to face. 
Like it or not, people judge you on your looks, a professional headshot shows that you take your brand seriously and will help to promote your business or professional story. 
How can I help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons? 
A Good head shot photo is becoming a must for linkedin, Twitter and Facebook websites, publicity material, CVs and just promotional use, sometimes called a corporate head shot, it's more than just a photograph - it is a marketing tool. These days it is almost certain that your prospective clients will investigate what you look like to see who they will be dealing with before making contact, so a smart outfit and a great photograph can inspire people to make contact - a poor image and pictures put people off. 
Your image is important to you, our business is to create dynamic images, which will help generate you new clients - therefore boosting your profits because first impressions really do count. 
Don't worry about spots, bruises, dark bags under your eyes or cuts - they can all be removed in Photo-shop any required digital enhancement is inclusive with the session. 
Are you not happy with or did you miss your Graduation photo - why not give us a call and get them redone - satisfaction guaranteed! 
Before and After 
Improve your appeal and get more business 
A professional corporate headshot may seem like a daunting task, but we aim to make it as easy as possible, from the initial chat to find out what type of image and how you want to appear - to sitting in front of a computer finishing off the final photograph and making sure that you are 100% happy before you leave our studio, our service comes with a full money back guarantee. 
We promise that we continue to work hard and offer you the best head shot photo-shoot outside of London - and look forward to meeting you soon. 
Some of our little tips 
Eye Contact 
Using eye contact shows that you're interested in building a relationship and that you are the right person to discuss new business with. Eye contact between two people is a powerful act of communication - so a lack of eye contact could be a contributing factor to losing new business and if you want to persuade or change minds then the first step is to gain eye contact and then sustain it with regular re-connection 
Just a Linkedin Link with no image 
Would you ever invite someone round for tea, then not meet them at the front door and hide behind the sofa? we suspect that the answer to this would be 'no' then why would you invite someone to view your website without properly introducing yourself? 
So if you are looking to make more business contacts, trying to find a new partner on a dating site or promoting yourself in the entertainment world - we're here to make sure that you put your very best foot (or in this case Head) forward - don't miss that golden opportunity get in touch today - you never know where it may lead. 
All of your chosen images are provided as high resolution digital files. Every session with us will also include all of your head shots in colour as well as black and white, and also as low resolution files for use on the web, With all our shoots we offer you the choice of using different lighting setups, backdrops and a number of outfit changes. 
Are you looking to get more than one photograph or even build up a portfolio? 
We can also arrange make up session before your photo shoot  
If you require more than just one Digital Image we also offer portfolios - five, ten or fifteen images from your session - will guide you through a variety of poses – including head shots, half and full length shots, you then view the photographs and select your favourites - which we then artistically edit to remove any spots or wrinkles, enhancing your natural sparkle. 
Preparing for your shoot! 
There’s a lot more to having your photo taken than turning up at the studio and just smiling at the camera, so its worthwhile spending a little time preparing yourself properly, the best way to start the process is to give me a call - I can advise you on clothes to bring and also sort out professional Hair and Make Up if you would like to incorporate it into the shoot itself. 
As we start the photo shoot, I will direct and guide you towards what will become a captivating headshot that is tailored specifically for you, the first thing I do when you arrive at the studio is to go through your Image Consultation this is so we are both clear as to your reasons for needing a head shot and the visual messages you would like to communicate. 
I will then have a look through your wardrobe and help choose the best styles and colours to suit you, your market and most of all make you look awesome on camera - when you are ready I will get you in front of the camera and take a few shots to see how you photograph, I will also guide you on how to pose properly and give you a few secrets tips on how to look fantastic on camera. 
We will review your photos on the computer screen, this will allow you to see why I’m getting you to pose in certain ways, some of which may feel a little odd and uncomfortable, and We can also talk through any worries or concerns you may have when looking at your close-up. 
I never put a limit on the number of shots I take, and photograph until I feel that I have got each look covered - this is where I am different to other photographers as I work hard at getting you into your zone and drawing on your personality, by making tiny changes and adjustments here and there I can turn great shots into ones which will have you saying “WOW, I look amazing…” 
If you are ready to take the first step by booking a session - give me a call 01234 798 500 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. 
Please note sessions are Monday to Friday 10.00 to 4.00 - Saturdays are very limited due to a busy weekend schedule 
If your image is really important to you - and is needed not only for web sites and social media but also for publications - we are the No1 call in Bedford and trusted by Bedfords top businesses - want to make an impact and get ahead - pick up the phone now: 
01234 798 500 
Do you need your staff Head-shots doing? 
Looking to get your Staff professionally photographed - we come to you - bringing our portable mini studio, all the photographs are taken, digitally enhanced (where necessary) and then burnt to a disc - for immediate use on web sites etc. or you can get the files printed for your reception area. 
Or perhaps something a little different? 
Terms and Conditions - All appointments require the session fee to be paid in full - this is to illuminate time wasters. If you fail to turn up for an appointment we reserve the right to retain all monies paid, you may rearrange your appointment providing you give us three days clear notice - weekend appointments require seven days notice. 
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